October 30, 2020

Vehicle Fleet Management Best Practices: Two Solutions You Need To Optimize Your Fleet


With the goal of increasing productivity and profitability, fleet managers are always on the search for vehicle fleet management best practices. While all fleet managers know the most effective way to understand how a fleet operates is by leveraging telematics system, not as many are familiar with the benefits of engine calibration.  

By pairing engine calibration, also known as vehicle tuning, with telematics data, fleet managers have the opportunity to turn their data into actionable insights. Telematics is a powerful tool that provides a holistic view of both vehicle and driver performance, however with telematics alone fleet managers are limited to driver modification to increase fleet efficiency.  

While making operational changes to implement new driver policies and educational programs can help fleet managers make steps toward improving fuel efficiency, enhancing vehicle safety, and extending vehicle life, relying on driver modifications does not guarantee success 

Telematics + Calibration 

Combining telematics with engine calibration provides a concrete way to make fleet vehicles work in the most effective way possible. By using engine calibration to alter a vehicle’s engine parameters, fleet managers can align how their vehicles perform with the way their vehicles are being used.  

Without adding calibration, fleet managers are stuck in a repetitive cycle of passive driver-centric management. Switching the responsibility of fleet productivity from the driver’s responsibility to the vehicle delivers enhanced control over the entire fleet.  

Vehicles are built for many different uses and unless they are customized for your fleet, there is no way to guarantee they will be optimized for your specific use. By using telematics, you can assess how each vehicle performs then use engine calibrations to modify each vehicle. Pairing these two fleet management solutions allows you to transform your data into action and increase your company’s bottom line.  

Meet VQ Telematics + VQ Efficiency
As a leading automotive technology company, Derive has found a way to offer both telematics and calibration in one comprehensive and fully customizable fleet management solution. Using VQ Telematics, powered Spireon, and VQ EfficiencyDerive’s calibration solution, fleet managers can now analyze vehicle data and immediately turn their insights into action. 

  • VQ Telematicsprovides a robust telematics system solution designed to provide the data and insight you need to improve and grow. WithGPS fleet tracking and management solutions, fleet managers canreduce fuel costs, idle time, labor,and fleet mileage while maximizing the quantity of work accomplished with Spireon’s fleet management solution. 
  • VQ Efficiency transforms fleet performance from one-size-fits-all to mission-specific, empowering fleets to increase vehicle productivity by optimizing how they perform. With VQ Efficiency fleet managers have the power to alter their vehicle’s engine parameters to align with their company and fleet sustainability goals. 

If you are ready to implement vehicle fleet management best practices to improve fuel efficiency, enhance vehicle safety, and extend vehicle lifeContact us today to start turning your data into actionable insights.   

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